The above are guidelines and will not cover all potential situations however, with minimal precautions you will be able to enjoy your DecTec deck for many years to come.

• UV Stabilization for Fade Resistance
• 5000 Hours UV Weathering Stability
• Antimicrobially-treated surface for Mildew and Mold Resistance
• Colors that Won't Fade or Change Over Time
• 10 Year Limited Warranty with Professional Installation
• 60 or 72 mil Nominal Thicknesses
• Tensile Strength, Wear Resistance, Fire Rating that Meets and Exceeds All Requirements for a PVC Roofing Membrane

Dec - Tec for your concrete & wood Deck or Balcony

Sunset Exteriors & Restoration, Inc. has been meeting and exceeding client expectations by providing quality Deck & Balcony replacement services to our clients.​

Our staff are experts at what they do and our customers benefit from having seasoned, certified workers and not general laborers working on their projects.

DecTec “Select” is a high quality Roofing membrane designed to accept foot traffic. Select meets North American Building Code Standards for PVC Single-Ply Roofing Membrane and ICC criteria for Walking Decks. A Professional grade membrane demands Professional grade components, and DecTec is up to the task with our pre-formed flashings and system components. When your deck is an integral part of your Building Envelope, there really is only one walkable roof membrane to “Select” !

To protect your DecTec membrane from scuffs, tears or excessive wear: wipe up spills as soon as possible, refrain from dragging heavy and/or sharp objects across the deck, be generally aware of jagged edges that can damage the membrane, use mats at doorways and landings whenever possible, and be careful with rolling castors. For regions with snow, use a plastic shovel to remove snow. De-icing salt products can be used on DecTec, however all products available in the market have not been tested and some may cause premature fading of the printed pattern.

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Our restoration & remodeling company proudly serves Lake, McHenry, Kane, DuPage, and Cook Counties in Illinois. For commercial projects we travel out of State.

For BBQ areas, DecTec recommends a mat be placed under and in front of the BBQ; this will help prevent hot grease burns. It is also recommended that you periodically move items such as flower pots and patio furniture on your deck to prevent buildup of dirt around these objects. Do not extinguish cigarettes on DecTec membrane.

Your DecTec deck should be periodically washed (as required) using DecTec EnviroClean and a medium bristle brush (OR if using a power washer, make sure ONLY a "fan" tip spray nozzle is used). This will prevent buildup of dirt and grime which in turn will help prevent mold and mildew, as well as potentially slippery conditions. DecTec EnviroClean is an environmentally friendly cleaner designed for the DecTec membrane that will remove everyday soils from your deck surface and will not leave harmful chemical residue.

DecTec EnviroClean can be used on most common everyday spills, just follow the directions on the bottle. For tougher stains such as lipstick, ketchup, mustard, hair dye, shoe polish and motor oil* DecTec EnviroClean will reduce the visible stain, but may not totally remove it. Heavy duty blemishes due to substances such as spray paint, latex paint, ink or permanent marker may permanently discolor the membrane. For chewing gum and candle wax, allow to dry and gently pick off.

Other cleaning methods have not been tested by DecTec, therefore we do not guarantee they will NOT damage the DecTec membrane.

Some household cleaners, abrasives, steel wool, lacquer solvents or cleaning powders may cause permanent damage or discoloration and therefore are NOT recommended.

* Please note some products may contain natural or artificial dyes that may permanently stain the DecTec membrane.

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